About this website

Recency of the Informaton on This Website

Write-up last update on 11 Jan 2024 based on personal observation while bicycling 12/2023.. Oldest segment check 2023-12-01 .

The last update on date is the last time that we made a change to the writeup.

The Oldest Segment check date" is the date for which we have reliable information on that segment. For shoter trails this proably means the entire trail. For longer trails, we break the trail into segemnts and ride the trail over several days, which may be some time apart. We also talk to the trail managers, when we know there is development activty in progress.

How this Website is Created.

This website was created via an automated process from the current daft of the book Freewheelingeasy in Western Pennsylvania. As we ride the trails, we are continuously updating the guide book. The amenity information is updated based on data from the Google Map webpages. Order the book


If you see errors, or have suggestions for adtional content please use the comment form on the Freewheeling website https://freewheelingeasy.com/webmaster-feedback/.

Roy and Mary